Friday, August 15, 2008

I don't need help.

We get a scheduled medivac for 0630hrs.
We arrive on scene to find an elderly lady all dressed and ready to go. Her house is sparse but immaculate. She is dressed very stylish. She is old enough that her scribblers in school could have been granite tablets. I think that Moses mentioned her in his will.  I try to help her up from a sitting position but she slaps my hands away. She eventually gets upright and with the grace only found in the elderly, makes her way to the porch.
Her front steps are best left to a seasoned mountain climber, as she starts to descend I foolishly try to offer assistance and she swats my hands away.
Again, no help in or out of the ambulance, no matter how gentlemanly my offer.
The ladder to the plane is quite steep, and forgetting my previous instructions, I attempt to boost her up the steps. Again I am met with a well aimed swat.
The flight paramedic grins, signs my PCR and follows her into the plane.

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