Friday, August 8, 2008

Hurry, come quick!

Last night, with my evening partner, we got a call (we dispatch ourselves)
"come to ########........Hurry!" Click
No other info. We get there and there is a room full of panic stricken adults and a 7 year old boy with a broken and dislocated elbow. His first words to me were " I don't want to be carried and I don't want it cut off!" Great, now we have to totally change our plans! I used a wooden spoon to splint him and we transported him to the clinic with no problem.
Then shift change and a new partner and a new call
" Hurry, my baby, Hurry" Click, No other info. A good shot of adrenaline and lights and sirens. I ran into the house and again a group of bewildered adults standing around a baby with a cut on his forehead. He had fallen out of bed and knocked himself out. He was discharged from clinic before I even finished the PCR, Patient Care Report.
We really have to try to get the callers to stay on the line and give us more info!

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