Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still a little tired

Well, yesterday was a pretty normal day,
Got called to the clinic for a medivac, not for us (could have been sleeping)
called to medivac, plane late 45mins (could have been sleeping)
Called to a scene, no patient (could have been sleeping)
Another dropped baby, from three feet. Baby's OK.
But when you think of it, baby wasn't even one and a half feet tall. That's the same ratio as me falling at least 12ft on my head and side. Now, I understand the acceleration due to gravity, but still, pretty amazing that these babies crawl away unharmed.
Day before 19 calls in 24hrs, wasn't a record, but yeesh!
Today, spent the mid day laying George to rest.
While we were waiting a puppy came to me so I fed him and cleaned him up. Help to focus on something else. We carried George to the truck and rode with him in the back to the Church.
Then had to go back on duty and the first two calls were right back to the Church.
Then had a seizing patient who chooses not to take her meds because they make her sleepy.
Still not quite rested up. That was a 40hr run with only a nap here and there. Hoping for a quiet night.

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