Tuesday, October 14, 2008

There Was A Pregnant Lady

    The patient had been discharged from a Hospital 1.5 hours south of us the day before, 4 cm dilated.
The patient lives 1 hour north of us.
That puts her 2.5 hours drive from the specialty hospital that she was to go to once labour had returned, not including the hour wait for the ambulance to come and get her.
The night shift truck was called out at around 0500hrs to go get her, labour had started again.
They brought her to our hospital and we were called out to relay her  back to the big city hospital from where she had just come the previous day.
She was considered a high risk pregnancy so the next closest hospital wouldn't take her.
About 20 minutes down the road, we had to pull over.
The waters had released and there was meconium staining (the baby was under stress and had defecated in the womb).
They were right, she was high risk.
The little girl just popped out, not breathing, it was a very long hour before the baby cried.
 In reality it was probably more like 3-5 seconds.
I would love to describe the whole delivery but adrenaline and shock make it seem as though it was just a dream.
At some points I was outside of my body watching. Totally intense.
Mom and baby were stable and when we radioed in we were redirected to the closer hospital since she was now not a high risk delivery.
Some how, I feel that we were used.
But Now I get my stork pin.

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Cartoon Characters said...

oh i would love to be on a ride like that....having delivered 6K or more babies in my L&D career, some of which were done by myself. :) Love it!
you rock! :)