Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank youse

    A couple of weeks ago, we had brought a patient in to the hospital. We cleaned the ambulance and finished up the paper work and just as I was leaving, a family member of the patient mouthed thank you to me. Caught off guard, I said something like, "anytime....." Dumbbell!
    Then yesterday, a little white haired elder drove up to the curb, rolled down her window and said "we really appreciate you guys". This time I was ready and said "thank you" No other words came to mind.
Thank you's are few and far between in this job, so if you thank a paramedic and they say something stupid, like I did, please know that we really appreciate it, and that it means the world to us.
I made sure that I passed on the comments to all my coworkers, I just left out my replies.

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medicblog999 said...

I have exactly the same problem! Its common that you frequently get thank yous from patients as you are leaving them at hospital and these are easy to handle with a quick "no problem!". What I find harder is when the patient or their relative actually stops you to say how grateful they are for what you have done, or tell you what a wonderful job you do. It tends to catch you off guard but I try to tell them how much it means to us, when we receive a heartfelt thanks. It never seems to come out that way though!