Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Call comes in for a roll over 3 patients, local ambulance responding.
This meant that we were responding just to back them up and help transport.
They were an hour away, This is in the middle of the night.
I am still running on the effect of the deliver on the side of the highway earlier in the morning.
We blast north up the gravel road, lights and siren watching for the eyes of wildlife in the ditches.
We arrive on scene and do another triage and load up the most seriously hurt patient in our truck.
And away we go, now south bound, lights and sirens for the hour drive to the closest hospital.
Our patient was a young fellow who had had a few beer so thought it best not to drive home.
The driver that he picked to drive his truck home, lost control, rolled and landed upright in five feet of water.
One passenger was ejected.
This was the second time this year that someone else had written off his vehicle.
I was in the back with him for the trip, keeping him awake and watching vitals.
About 15 minutes north of the hospital, I hear the driver scream " AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh" so I braced myself and the patient.
 We came to a quick stop from 100kmh (60mph), contact was at 90 kmh (50)
"A moose" the driver calls out.
I check on the patient and he is fine, although now a little sensitive to other people's driving.
My partner is white, I mean that pale sweaty white of a cardiac patient.
The ambulance is in bad shape and not going anywhere by itself.
We call our second truck to come and get us.
Another medic has jumped in the back with the patient and I am out stretching my legs before we transfer.
One of the medics has a tag (license for a moose) so is determined to come and track down the moose.
We are standing out near the ditch, the hunter has his back to where the moose was, I am facing him.
I scream out "Moose" drop my flashlight for added effect and pretend to run.
Big bad hunter, spins and runs right into the side if the ambulance, clawing at it looking for the door.
I thought that I was going to pee myself I was laughing so hard.
Big bad hunter knows allot of curse words.
We get back to town, drop off the patient and fill out the paper work. Lots of paper work.
Now it is about five or six in the morning and pitch black.
I am walking behind the hospital, not paying particular attention to anything.
I look up and there is a bear about twenty feet from me.
I gently reach into my cargo pockets, pull out some dog treats, and toss them off the path.
I am too tired to walk all the way around the hospital so I just quietly walk by the bear, who is now busy searching for his treats.
Time for bed.

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