Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Northern Triage

Hypothetically of course.
On a call with a male after a two week drinking binge.
He's not feeling very good.
Call comes in, Adult bit by a dog, bleeding badly.
Stabilize the boozer and respond to dog bite.
Yep, in fact it is bleeding quite badly, many wounds.
Call comes in, female screaming and crying on phone, can only make out the name.
Stop bleeding of dog bite, have bystander apply pressure and respond to new screaming caller.
Get there, domestic battle in progress, stop the fight, load victim,
pick up dog bite on the way to the clinic 
and then phone the boozer.
Boozer has passed out in his usual chair, family just wants to go to bed but will keep an eye on him.
Radio rings, seizure, come quick.
And so it goes.
Hypothetically of course.

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