Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have a headache, I think

Caller "she doesn't feel well, you better come" click
Are you in pain?
What is wrong?
I don't feel right, my head is going to explode.
Do you have a headache?
Is there pressure in your head?
Tell me how you feel.
I feel funny all over. I went to the clinic after school but didn't feel well enough to wait to be seen.
Would you like us to take you in now?
No, the ambulance is too showy, my sister will drive me.
OK, give this list of your vitals to the nurse, we'll call ahead and talk to them.

Needless to say, we told the clinic exactly what we heard, saw and found.
I wonder if she'll feel well enough to wait and be seen tonight?

A teacher should know better than to waste the government's money.

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