Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Wrong Valentine's gift

Gentlemen, post this on your fridge.
OK, so you have probably figured out by now that this is Valentine's Day.
If not, least you did nothing.
This fellow picked the wrong surprise.
It seems that he borrowed his girlfriend's van without telling her.
Then went and had a "few" drinks without telling her.
(we almost had to detox after his breath)
He then decides to drive home and rolls the van into the ditch.
Total write off.
He had no real injuries, but was so drunk that he couldn't stay awake on the ride to the hospital.
He was very concerned about the van because his girlfriend needed it for work.
And what does she do for a living you may ask?
Flower Deliveries!
Busiest day of the year, she woke up to find, no boyfriend and no van.
I wonder what his favorite flower is?

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