Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good Ol' Country Folk

Was on my way home a few days ago and feeling a bit poorly. There was a bug going around with sudden onset diarrhea and nausea. Actually, both were projectile from what I was told. I only ever did get the vomiting.
A few of my coworkers were already out of commission with it and I was trying to get home before it struck. About forty minutes into my drive I figure that I might as well deal with it, so pulled to the side of the road. It was a barren stretch of road, cold and blowing snow. At first, my symptoms abated with the fresh air but soon the rumblings started. I was in full uniform, with a huge EMS symbol on my parka.
Just as I start to vomit, a car pulls to a stop.
"are you OK?"
"I'm fine"    Whhaaaaaaa!     "I'm OK"     Whhaaaaaaaa!
They said something comforting and went on their way.
I just get over the worst of it and was dealing with the dry heaves when another truck pulls up.
I start my "I'm OK" routine and then some lost, forgotten meal came flying out.
I see the fellow with my peripheral vision, bending over as though trying to see me better, but then realize that he is vomiting himself.
"I don't do very well with this he says"     Whaaaaaaa      " but my wife is just up the road, I could send her back."
"No thank you, I'm OK, I'll be back on the road soon"
So to those kind folks that stopped to help out a Paramedic on the side of the road,  I would like to say "Thank you"

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